Sunday, February 19, 2012

You were right when you said this is the end.

Been sitting on this one for a while, no reason not to put it up. It's Built to Spill at the Bowery Ballroom, on November 4, 1998. I got this from my buddy Al Sauer. He had a CD-R bootleg of it, but it's clearly a professional recording. In fact, the last song, an epic version of "Nowhere Nothing Fuck-Up" was released on a promo 7" for "Center of the Universe," which I got back in the college radio days. That's how I was able to verify the recording date, as the bootleg had it wrong.

The setlist here is untouchable: both songs from the BtS/Caustic Resin split! A slower version of "Joyride!" "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain" without Calvin's vocals! A feedback-mottled version of "Linus and Lucy" by Vince Guaraldi! And SO MUCH MORE, for real. Give it a listen.


  1. I saw your post from last year about taping MTV's 120 minutes, I'm wondering if you ever happened to also tape Loveline from MTV? I collect old recordings of that show, which is why I ask. Please let me know. Thanks!