Sunday, February 19, 2012

You were right when you said this is the end.

Been sitting on this one for a while, no reason not to put it up. It's Built to Spill at the Bowery Ballroom, on November 4, 1998. I got this from my buddy Al Sauer. He had a CD-R bootleg of it, but it's clearly a professional recording. In fact, the last song, an epic version of "Nowhere Nothing Fuck-Up" was released on a promo 7" for "Center of the Universe," which I got back in the college radio days. That's how I was able to verify the recording date, as the bootleg had it wrong.

The setlist here is untouchable: both songs from the BtS/Caustic Resin split! A slower version of "Joyride!" "Virginia Reel Around the Fountain" without Calvin's vocals! A feedback-mottled version of "Linus and Lucy" by Vince Guaraldi! And SO MUCH MORE, for real. Give it a listen.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yet more blah blah blah.

Hell, while we're here, you know what? Here's something else you never actually wanted to hear:

A half hour interview with Joe Jackson about Big World.

Yes, I bought this. I am required by Wisconsin law to own every pre-1995 Joe Jackson recording (post-1995, I use my own judgment.) And then I transferred it to digital and uploaded it. For you.

I'm genuinely curious if I get any feedback about this. AT ALL.


I was recently bequeathed a special something by Green Bay's own finest pop-punk export, Boris the Sprinkler. We'll get to that. But! Receiving such a thing had me digging through the archives, for a semi-difficult-to-find BtS MEGAPOST!!!!!LOL!!!

Part the first:


I think this is just about everything that was not on a Boris CD. Including singles, comp tracks, bonus vinyl-only schtuff (this is where I'm missing at least one track, AFAIK) and what-the-fuck-ever. In .flac format because I'M NOT WASTING
MY GODDAMN TIME DOING THIS SHIT JUST SO YOU CAN HEAR A HALF-ASS RIP. Don't forget to download ALL the files, otherwise it'll unzip improperly and you'll feel bitchy.

Part the second:


I recorded this on my 4-track, stereo mics and output from the soundboard. So, I gotta say, it sounds pretty good. Not only is this one of the few (if any) Boris the Sprinkler bootlegs out there, it's a recording of a momentous occasion: Ric Six's last show. Which was in...1997? 1998? Whatever. It was the finest lineup of Boris there was. So here's a s
olid hour of stage banter and the Dukes of Hazzard car horn riff. ALSO IN .FLAC BECAUSE I DID A GOOD JOB, DAMMIT so again, don't forget to download all the parts.

And finally, part the third OMFG......:


Yes indeed, that's right! The legendary Boris the Sprinkler demo tape! So legendary that YOU CAN'T EVEN GOOGLE IT! Or, at least you couldn't. Because here it is!

Enjoy. And totally yell at me if you get mad.