Thursday, April 2, 2009

Slaughterhouse Rd. - two singles

If you're a Milwaukeean, you know what a sadness the loss of Atomic Records has been. But this loss came with a silver lining: the purging of the archives. Week by week, records appeared, seemingly from nowhere (or, at least, the basement) and suddenly for sale. Personally, I spent probably about $400 during Atomic's last few months, and I fully intend to display the spoils here.
Rescued from the local 7" bin were two records by a band called Salamander Rd. I'd never heard of them, but saw that their lineup featured Dan Hobson from Killdozer and Spud from Appliances-SFB (along with some dude named Roger Ewalt, who played bass and sang). Picked up both of 'em, and they're pretty good. Largely what you'd expect from a Killdozer/A-SFB hybrid.
The first 7" came out on Bovine Records, out of Madison. They'd go on to put out a bunch of cool stuff, including a Floor single, a Turbonegro single, and the very first Agoraphobic Nosebleed record! It was recorded at Smart Studios by some asshole named Butch Vig (erm, and a guy called Doug Olson, who's probably an okay fella.)

Slaughterhouse Rd. - Salamander - 1990 Bovine Records
1. Salamander
2. the Best Thing
3. the Lord Loves a Workin' Man

Their second single, "Viroqua," was self-released. Viroqua's an okay town.

Slaughterhouse Rd. - Viroqua - 1990
1. Viroqua
2. Between the Reigns
(images blatantly stolen from this site, cos I don't have a scanner)
They put out a third single in '92, but it wasn't at Atomic. If anybody has it, I'd love to hear it!